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"I visited Phil for a number of months during a difficult time in my life and from the first meeting to the last, his compassion, interest and professionalism never wavered. He genuinely cared about helping me to overcome my issues and I found the sessions hugely beneficial in ways I never thought possible. I can’t recommend Phil enough and wouldn’t hesitate to use his services again if required."


"I was recommended Phil by a trusted friend and in our first session I felt deeply listened to and we rapidly built a strong trust. I was also attending a 12 step CODA group at the time and Phil's approach integrated with that work seamlessly. 
I made a lot of progress in my time working with Phil and would recommend him wholeheartedly."


"Phil helped me through a very frightening and difficult period. In a non-judgemental environment, I felt like I was able to talk freely about my life for what felt like the first time, and I was a “man” who previously thought that talking and therapy was for the weak, it is not. Phil helped me realise that I had a lot of unresolved issues and that the episode that prompted me to seek help was almost always going to happen and repeat itself if I didn’t make changes to my life. Over the course of our discussions, my self-confidence started to improve, I could start to envisage a better life and a realisation that I didn’t need to hit a “rock bottom”. I still need to keep in check and practice some of the principles we worked on, there is no easy fix but with Phil's help, I am on a better path. Thank you."


"Phil provided me with invaluable support at a very difficult time of my life helping me see clarity in why I was feeling the way I was and guiding me in ways to manage my emotions. I also find our sessions very interesting and it opened my mind and enabled me to learn things about myself, relationships and family that I did not know even at the ripe old age of 46. He was extremely professional, attentive and understanding at all times and I would not hesitate to recommend him."


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